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Based at the epicentre of the world’s yacht building industry, lies a shipyard unlike any other. Vanquish Yachts create bespoke, high-performance aluminium driver’s boats for demanding individuals insisting on quality and awesome agility. With every Vanquish vessel capable of 40 knots and some Veloce versions exceeding 50+ knots, the company motto ‘Not for Everyone’ could equally translate to ‘Not for the faint-hearted’..

The Dutch shipyard build fully-bespoke yachts between 16 and 90 foot, these ‘drivers’ boats have a radical appearance and an elegant allure that truly sets them apart – whilst each Vanquish offers serious power and manoeuvrability, the all aluminium construction (except the VQ16) ensures unrivalled comfort, solid sea-keeping abilities, and the allure of creating exactly what the owner desires.

Vanquish Yacht Running

Vanquish Yachts are created, not customized. Allowing every client the choice to build the yacht they wish and not simply alter an existing product – The ultra efficient process starts with the hull, each one tried and tested for the exact requirements of the owner. Bespoke requests are then integrated into the design before construction starts – one client required an additional 6ft extension, another requested a custom tender garage layout and another requested an outdoor galley! For the team at Vanquish Yachts no build is the same…

‘Non-conformist thinking is in the genes of the Vanquish Yachts team – it’s what we do best. Leveraging on a passion for design and engineering, we love working with owners who think outside the box.’

Pioneering designs and revolutionary ideas are at the forefront of every Vanquish yacht, The Vanqraft VQ16 is a crossover between a Superyacht tender and a PWC, the five-metre-long toy is driven by a 200 HP Yamaha 1.8 L engine with jet propulsion, easily achieving 40 knots whilst carrying up to 5 passengers. The ‘Uprated’ Veloce version can have you roaring along at more than 55+ knots, and with both models utilizing a flush mounted jet drive, they will slip into a tender garage with ease… A typical example of ingenuity and creativeness the engineers and designers at Vanquish pride themselves on.

The VQ43 proved to be such a success, a second ‘Mk2’ has been created – working closely with designer ‘Guido De Groot’, the 13.35 metre yacht was given a wider stance, full height ceiling in the cabin and a much larger galley, the forward lounge area is accessed via deep wrap around walkways; ensuring an exceptionally beautiful silhouette on the water whilst providing class-leading level of safety aboard. With a minimal draught of 0.85m, the 43’ yacht is the perfect chase boat for larger Superyachts, ensuring beach & pontoon drop-offs are executed with style, grace and elegance.

Vanquish VQ48 Side Profile
Vanquish VQ48 Side Profile

At the larger end of the range, the enviable VQ54 stands proud; the embodiment of supreme maneuverability, unsurpassed cruising comfort and of-course, fully bespoke construction, allowing for a garage and integration of a Williams tender. A dedication has been made to allow for a wide-range of luggage, toys and diving equipment. With feedback from existing owners such as ‘The ultimate party boat’ – the VQ54 provides an enormous amount of open deck space, numerous options for shade and extensive sound system options. The 54’ yacht houses twin  MAN i6-800 inline six cylinder engines with surface piercing drives , capable of powering through the waves at speeds in excess of 45knots!

“We create fully customised fast boats with awesome agility and supreme comfort, hand-built in the Netherlands for demanding individualists.” Tom Steentjes

When searching for synonyms of the word ‘Vanquish’ –  words such as ‘Conquer’, ‘Victorious’ and ‘Triumph’ are presented; words that seem to be entwined within the DNA of this bespoke shipyard.. So it is only correct that a VQ65 Veloce Concept, intended to be the fastest 65ft yacht ever is in development. To achieve this goal, the yacht must be capable of a top speed of 70 knots!

The propulsion system of the VQ65 Veloce is state-of-the-art, with three MAN V12 engines of 1900 HP each combined with surface piercing drives to achieve the exceptionally high top speed.

Vanquish have expressed the importance of maintaining Superyacht standards of comfort whilst completing the concept. There will be space for up to 23 people on deck, an option for luxury accommodation including a comfortable shower and head for two, a galley and a crew cabin with a separate head and shower. And because the Vanquish VQ65 Veloce – like all Vanquish boats – will be fully custom built, it can be adapted to the needs of the most demanding individuals.

CEO of Vanquish, Tom Steenjes has a love for smart technology and innovative design, with a successful background in fabrication, the master welder knew the capabilities and qualities of aluminum could create something truly special. In 2013, the first VQ32 was launched, since that day Tom has maintained his ‘Nothing is Impossible’ attitude and Vanquish Yachts has grown from strength to strength. With continuing innovation and pioneering new platforms such as the Vanqraft 16, Vanquish Yachts are truly raising the bar in the Superyacht marketplace.

Vanquish VQ54 Running Shot
Vanquish VQ54 Running Shot