New Construction -

Vision: To build outstanding yachts with exceptional standards of engineering and meticulous attention to detail.

Location: Oss, The Nertherlands.

Age: 39 years

Employees: 200-500

Style: Sleek and Modern Superyacht

Range: 37-70 Metres

 Largest yacht built: 70m Galactic Supernova

Our Favourite Vessel: 65m Galactic Star

2017 Production Value:  320 Million Euros

When you research the best in superyachts you’ll most likely find that the vast majority tend to be Dutch built. With exceptional yards such as Heesen where precision and knowledge are built into every yacht, you can understand why the Netherlands are regarded as the pioneers in yachting.

In 1978 Frans Heesen, who was best known for his works in the plastic industry, took over an existing shipyard in Oss harbour and founded Heesen Yachts. Since then they have launched 170 yachts and are continuing to expand their notorious fleet. One of their most discussed yachts has to be “Octopussy” a 38m with a top speed of 50 knots which in 1988 “became the fastest luxury yacht in the world” (www.heesenyachts.com)

Heesen has proved popular with buyers all around the world by setting new standards in the design and construction of aluminium and steel super yachts that are custom built for each new owner.

The Largest super yacht ever built by Heesen is the 70m truly “Galactic Supernova” which was delivered to her owner in 2016. With an incredible 357 square metres of space on deck, there is ample room to relax and entertain guests. With a contractural maximum speed of 30 knots and a large swimming pool, were confident  the owner not only had his needs met by Heesen, but also that he was more than impressed by this sleek, fun and sporty superyacht.

Galactivca Supernova by Heesen Yachts
Galactivca Supernova by Heesen Yachts

Keep your eyes peeled for Heesan’s new Build Project Neptune. Construction of this 56m yacht, which has a top speed of 15 and a half knots, began in January 2017. In December 2017 Heesen announced that the hull and superstructure had been joined at their shipyard is Oss.  Named after the Roman God Neptune who is renowned for being temperamental, we are sure this is in reference to our ever changing ocean and no doubt we will be blown away by how not only stable and strong this superyacht is, but also its forward thinking design elements.

H2 Yacht Design, (who are based in the UK)  are to thank for the yachts sleek exterior lines. With 85 square metres dedicated solely to the master suite we are excited to see the designers plans for making the interior space of “Neptune”  harmoniously merge together. Adding materials and tone to this spacious interior is the job of then renowned Reymond Langton Design.

Delivery of this 56m is expected in 2019 and subsequently expect a review from us at Bristow-Holmes.

Heesen Yacht - Project Neptune
Heesen Yacht – Project Neptune