New Construction -

Bristow-Holmes is pleased to announce a collaboration with Heesen Yachts. Frans Heesen founded the company that bears his name in 1978. His priority was “performance driven by a spirit of innovation;” apt considering the philosphopy of Bristow-Holmes “a fresh, bold approach to the world of yachting”.

Harry Bristow-Holmes recently travelled to the Heesen shipyards in Oss in the Netherlands and met with sales manager Johan Kaasjager to discuss the syngeries between the two companies.

With a wide range of existing models and a willingness to explore custom designs, Heesen is a unique shioyard which offers endless possibilites for discerning clients.

Heesen Yachts enjoys a reputation that sets it apart from the rest as a brand synonymous with high-quality shipbuilding and award-winning design.

Heesen strongly believe that they owe it to their customers to exceed their expectations with regard to performance, comfort and quality. To live up to this promise, they push there boundaries every day without compromise.

They aim to fulfil their owners’ dreams. This commitment, combined with excellent customer service, allows them to enjoy their yachts to the fullest.

Heesen are not just yacht builders; they are also dream builders.