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Every now and again we come across a product that not only innovates but also excites us, today we discovered the all new Onean Electric Jet Board which allows users to surf on still bodies of water.

The surfboard uses an electric engine to push out a jet stream of water that propels its rider across the sea, rivers, channels or lakes. It comes in two models, one that’s intended for speed (the Carver), and another that’s intended for peaceful cruising (the Manta).

The Carver puts out 4400W of power, while the Manta putters along with 450W. The Carver is also much sleeker than the Manta, as it’s designed to, well, carve through the water.

They’re both available for pre-order now starting at $3,800

There’s also a third board currently in the making named the Blade, that’s much smaller than both, but why do you want to any longer than you have to!