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Space might be the final frontier, but mysteries still abound right here on terra firma, though they rest at the bottom of the ocean.

In a quest to seek out the secrets of the deep, U-Boat Worx – makers of the HP Sport Sub 2 and Super Yacht Sub 3 – have made another submersible capable of going down to 1,700 meters (5,577 feet): Meet C-Researcher.

The new C-Researcher 3 brings a whole new world with a compact three person research and leisure submersible that can explore the artifacts and seascape of the ocean for up to twelve hours of multiple dives in safety,comfort and luxury.

Features such as leather seating, automatic climate control and a Bluetooth audio system complete the ‘out of this world’ experience.

Made with the scientific community in mind is ready to be outfitted with the most advanced equipment to date. Able to add on sampling arms, specialized recording equipment, sonar, and ocean floor mapping hardware, it proves how sexy smart can be.

With a massive panoramic bubble on the front, it’s designed for digging out the secrets hidden beneath the waves!