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U-Boat Worx is committed to becoming the world`s biggest and best trendsetting submersible manufacturer, building versatile submersibles to cater to a diverse, passionate group of end-users.

U-Boat Worx takes great pride in creating these very versatile underwater crafts, which can be used for various purposes. The submersibles can be operated from yachts, at tourist ventures, used for research missions and for private recreation. All models are classed by the esteemed DNV GL classification society, an authority which oversees the design, construction and stringent testing of every craft in order to achieve the highest possible safety standards for these extraordinary submersibles.

The Philosophy “Create a high performing, manoeuvrable, safe, comfortable and cost-effective submersible”. With this philosophy in mind, U-Boat Worx was founded in The Netherlands in 2005 with the objective of creating subs with unprecedented “value for money”. We now know them as the C-Explorers, HP Sport Sub 2 and Super Yacht Sub 3.

U-Boat Worx is committed to building its submersibles in small series in order to reduce costs and lead times to acceptable levels (4-12 months). Low production costs result in an attractive price level for the subs compared to the competition. U-Boat Worx also puts in a tremendous amount of effort to deliver superior functionality and product quality. This allows U-Boat Worx to achieve its objective to offer “great value for money”

U-Boat Worx’ submersibles stand out in terms of their agility, reliability, their spacious and luxurious interior, powerful air conditioning  system, relatively compact size, low weight and low lead times.

The highly skilled team at U-BOAT WORX is fully dedicated to the task of building these state-of-the-art diving machines and provides full support to its client during the acquisition and construction stages right up to the  ownership of their submersible, and comprehensive after-sales service.