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U-Boat Worx revealed their new Super Yacht Sub 3, a luxury 3-seat submersible specially designed for super yachts at this years Monaco Yacht Show.

Bristow-Holmes Founder “Harry Bristow-Holmes” tested the new model first hand with a client who was particularly impressed with a number of key features along with the extremely intuitive controls. Unfortunately due to the limited depth of Port Hercule the test dive was limited to only a couple of meters however the advantage of having a personal submarine aboard a Super Yacht are immense. Bristow-Holmes comments “The majority of charter guests or clients do not dive, therefore the U-Boat Super Yacht Sub 3 gives owners and guests alike the ability to truly experience the underwater world in complete and utter comfort”. With communication to the surface team possible through a unique acoustic transmitter and receiver, its possible to explore the depths but keep in touch with any important matters at all times.

The new Super Yacht Sub 3 is the first of a range of submersibles for super yachts that also includes the High-Performance Sport Sub 2. This is the first public appearance of the Super Yacht Sub 3 production model, which was announced exactly one year ago.

The Super Yacht Sub 3 is billed as the break-through design capable of establishing submersibles as a standard add-on to super yachts. It is compact, light-weight, easy to maintain, can operate submerged for up to 8 hours and dive to a depth of 300 meters.

The Super Yacht Sub 3 can also claim to hold two “world firsts”. Owners can choose to upgrade the depth-rating of their submersible from a 100 meters to 200 meters or 300 meters at any stage during the life-time. Secondly, the Super Yacht Sub 3 features a wireless remote control that can be used to drive the submersible at the surface.

Another notable feature of the battery-powered Super Yacht Sub 3 is the MANTA controller that allows passengers to drive the submersible under supervision of a trained pilot.

Official pricing for the 100-meter rated Super Yacht Sub 3 starts from €1,500,000.